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The World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams In 2024

The World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams In 2024

Worth more than $5 billion, the world’s most valuable sports teams in 2024 can be found in baseball, basketball, and soccer leagues, but American football’s NFL reigns supreme.

This chart, via Visual Capitalist’s Marcus Lu, highlights the 15 sports teams with the highest value in the world, according to Forbes data published late last year.

Ranked: Top 15 Sports Teams by Value

The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team in the world with a $9.0 billion valuation.

The team was purchased in 1989 for $150M by Jerry Jones. Its growth in value was slower at first, but over the past five years, the Cowboys’ valuation appreciated by 80%.

Here are the 15 most valuable sports teams around the world:

Other NFL teams including the New England Patriots at $7.0 billion and the Los Angeles Rams at $6.9 billion are amongst the world’s top five most valuable sports teams.

Indeed, NFL teams account for nine out of the top 15 most valuable sports teams today.

The MLB’s New York Yankees are the second-most valuable sports team with a valuation of $7.1 billion, but is the only representative from Major League Baseball on the ranking. Meanwhile, the NBA has three teams in the top 15, with the Golden State Warriors ranking the highest with a $7.0 billion valuation.

Only two teams from outside of America feature in the top 15 sports teams by value, and both are internationally-renowned soccer teams: Real Madrid of Spain’s La Liga at $6.1 billion, and Manchester United of England’s Premier League at $6.0 billion.

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