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‘They’re a little bit irked’: Trump insiders reportedly mad about Biden’s latest move

President Joe Biden began the morning by launching a campaign to ridicule Donald Trump for having limited availability for presidential debates.

Trump and his surrogates have spent the past several weeks complaining that the presumptive GOP nominee is being taken off the campaign trail to face the criminal trial in Manhattan around the falsification of business records for the hush money scheme. There is one weekday when Trump has the day off because the judge volunteers to run a special court for the mentally ill.

Despite complaints he wants to be on the campaign trail, Trump has spent the past several Wednesdays flying back to Mar-a-Lago, where no public events have been scheduled.

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Trump began trolling Biden about the debates, claiming he was running away from them and that he couldn’t get Biden to put anything on the calendar. In just a few hours, however, Biden’s campaign took over the narrative by mocking Trump for not having the time or energy to attend a debate.

Biden published a video citing a modified version of the Clint Eastwood catchphrase.

“Make my day, pal,” said Biden.

His campaign then launched a t-shirt in its online store saying “Free On Wednesday.”

In just a few hours, Trump had agreed to the dates and rules of the debates Biden proposed, which included cutting off the microphone when candidates go over their allotted time.

Trump’s aides are furious, said national correspondent Kristen Holmes said.

Campaign rallies for Trump feature an empty podium where Trump makes fun of Biden saying he wouldn’t debate. The problem is that Biden was willing to after all.

“Just to give an overall view here, talking to Trump’s senior advisers and those in his orbit, they’re a little bit irked right now,” revealed Holmes. “The fact that Joe Biden somehow took over the debate narrative, despite the fact that Donald Trump has been really using this as a narrative at all of his campaign rallies.”

Trump was using the line he’d debate anywhere at any time. So, Biden called his bluff.

“What we saw today was Joe Biden really taking control of the narrative. And now, Donald Trump trying to take it back,” Holmes explained. “So, after we saw this announcement from Biden after Donald Trump had accepted these two debates, he then got on Truth Social to say he was going to accept a third debate at a Fox on October 2.”

The Biden campaign is now saying that Trump already agreed to his terms and now he’s already trying to change the rules.

“President Biden made his terms clear for two one-on-one debates. And Donald Trump accepted those terms: no more games, no more chaos, no more debate about debates. We’ll see Donald Trump on June 27 in Atlanta if he shows up,” the campaign said in a statement.

See the full report from CNN below or at the link.

Trump advisers are ‘irked’ Biden stole their debate narrative: report

Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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