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‘This is wild’: Experts stunned by autocrat’s Trump endorsement video

Donald Trump recently hosted Viktor Orbán at Mar-a-Lago, and now the autocratic leader of Hungary has released an endorsement video that is shaking social media.

Raw Story reported on the meeting between Orbán and the former president, pointing out an analyst’s take that the plan to embrace the Christian nationalist authoritarian prime minister is another step in a troubling pattern.

Now that the meeting has occurred, Orbán released a video and called Trump a “president of peace.”

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“He commanded respect in the world, and created the conditions for peace,” the leader wrote on Sunday. “During his presidency there was peace in the Middle East and peace in Ukraine. We need him back more than ever! Thank you for the invitation, Mr. President!”

He says in a video that “it would be better for the world” if Trump “were to return to power.”

The video stunned political onlookers and analysts.

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann said, “Go f— yourself, Fascist And avoid those windows.”

Columnist Molly Jong-Fast said in response to the leader’s video:

“Now the autocrat is doing advertisements for the other autocrat. This is wild.”

Dave Kitzinger, a lifelong Republican who is now part of the Republican Accountability Project, said, “One Putin’s puppet is shilling for another.”

Addressing Orbán’s claim that Trump commanded respect on the world stage, Tennessee Democratic election commissioner Chris D. Jackson, had this to say:

“On the world stage by whom? You and Putin?”

Watch the video below or click the link right here.

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