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Top Physicist Challenges US Denial Of Alien Visits As Congress Holds UFO Hearings

Americans’ fascination with UFOs and extra-terrestrials persists, with 90 percent of sightings reported in the USA. Congress is now holding hearings to explore the origins of “Unexplained Aerial Phenomena” and whether they originate from another world. Israeli physicist Avi Loeb sheds light on how these possible “alien artifacts” could have traveled to Earth.

Avi Loeb, a renowned plasma physics professor at Harvard University, believes the official US denial of extra-terrestrial visits is a scientific disservice. The US House Oversight and Accountability Committee national security subcommittee has commenced hearings into these mysterious sightings, including the possibility of alien origins.

Retired US Air Force Major David Grusch provided intriguing testimony, stating that authorities have recovered crashed alien spacecraft and remains of their crews in the past.

He also accused the government of selling alien technology to the highest bidder. During his testimony, Grusch leveled accusations against the US military, alleging misappropriation of funds to prevent congressional oversight of certain programs. Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) questioned whether US corporations were overcharging for specific tech sold to the government, leading to additional funds being directed to these programs. Grusch’s response was affirmative, stating, “Correct.”

Loeb challenges the argument that extra-terrestrial species could not have visited Earth due to the vast distances from their homeworlds. He points out that civilizations orbiting more ancient stars may have had ample time to explore the galaxy, as it takes half a billion years to traverse the Milky Way using chemical rockets.

The physicist emphasizes that any information related to the universe and the physical world should be shared among all humans. Secrecy around potential alien encounters hinders scientific understanding and the exploration of otherworldly civilizations.

Loeb believes that if the US government indeed possesses material from alien encounters, it should not be kept secret. He advocates for an open environment where the best scientists can access and study such information, fostering a deeper understanding of our universe and its potential inhabitants.

As Congress delves into the enigma of UFO sightings and extra-terrestrial possibilities, the debate surrounding the existence of alien artifacts continues, calling for a more transparent approach to scientific discoveries that transcend national boundaries.

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