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Top Secret Leaks: The Fallout from Confidential Documents on Global Affairs”

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The leak of sensitive US intelligence marked “Top Secret” is a matter of grave concern, with investigations underway by both the US Justice Department and the Pentagon. The documents, which were apparently leaked online and have been covered widely in the news media, include an analysis of potential UK policies on the South China Sea, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the activities of a Houthi figure in Yemen. The revealed secrets could potentially threaten US relations with allies.

The documents were first reported by the New York Times after several Russian Telegram channels shared five photographed files related to the invasion of Ukraine on April 5.

They appear to detail events and offer an analysis of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine up until March 2023. While it has not been possible to uncover the original source of these apparent leaks, it has been possible to trace the spread of the documents over a variety of internet forums in recent months before they were reported by pro-Russian Telegram channels and then major media outlets.

Bellingcat named one Telegram channel as a possible source of the leak and speculated that they may have edited the leaked documents prior to posting. In their post, they unequivocally denied it and stated they would never manipulate content for their audience.

It is yet unclear if the documents are authentic, but their potential consequences, if legitimate, cannot be underestimated.


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