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‘Topsy-turvy race’ just got even harder for Lauren Boebert to win: report

In the wake of his early departure from the U.S. House, a panel of Colorado Republicans will pick a candidate to serve out the final months of Rep. Ken Buck’s term Thursday — a move that could threaten Lauren Boebert’s bid to serve another term in Congress.

Boebert, who formerly represented Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, announced last year that she would run to replace Buck in the more conservative 4th Congressional District.

According to the Associated Press, whoever the panel of Republicans pick to contend a special election for the remainder of Buck’s term “would be running in two separate races for the same seat until the June election, giving them greater notoriety, media coverage and expanded fundraising opportunities — a boon for most of the candidates who fall far short of Boebert’s national name brand and campaign chest.”

Boebert has not put herself in the running for the special election.

Speaking to the AP, Seth Masket, director at the Center on American Politics in Denver, said that Buck’s departure “really threw a wrench into the whole thing.”

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“It was already a fairly topsy-turvy race, but I think this does make it a little bit harder for her,” he said.

But according to Boebert, Buck’s resignation and the special election is “a swampy backroom deal” hatched by “the establishment” to “rig an election.”

Boebert has had her share of scandals and controversies, but she’s been able to garner endorsements from former President Donald Trump and current Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Last year, she made headlines after being escorted out of a Colorado theater after people complained about her vaping and her seemingly lewd behavior with a male companion.

Commentators have said Boebert’s district switch was necessary because she faced the prospect of losing her former, less red, district. Now, according to her, Republicans have a greater chance of retaining the seat and holding their majority.

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