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Trump attacking DeSantis again because of Epstein exposure: conservative veteran

Conservative Army Iraq War Veteran Peter Henlein has a theory about why Donald Trump has started attacking Ron DeSantis again, even after DeSantis dropped out of the GOP presidential race and endorsed his former opponent.

Henlein, who recently announced he wouldn’t donate to the Republican party due to the Trump family takeover, pointed to recent moves by DeSantis, who revealed March 7 that he had “signed legislation that will allow the release of grand jury documents in the Epstein case.”

“Justice has not been served in this case, and all perpetrators should be held accountable,” the Florida governor said in the announcement.

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“I think this is why Trump has again started attacking Ron DeSantis in every speech after a month and half of silence,” the conservative wrote. “There is no public figure more connected to Jeffrey Epstein than Donald Trump. It was at his personal home that Epstein recruited his victims. The most famous of those victims was a child employee of Trump. She worked at the ‘spa’ at Mar-a-Lago.”

He continued, saying the “District Attorney that gave Epstein a ludicrously soft deal was Alex Acosta.”

“Trump inexplicably gave him a senior cabinet position in his administration,” Henlein added. “And now DeSantis has set the stage for all the Grand Jury documents in the original Epstein case (which was in Florida) to be released.”

A commenter named Judith Rose called the suggestion “conjecture,” to which Henlein then replied.

“Why do you think Trump, after stopping his attacks on DeSantis, started them up again in his very next public appearance after DeSantis signed a bill authorizing the release of the Epstein grand jury files?” he asked Sunday.

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