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‘Trump has defrauded his own voters’: Conservative explains ex-president’s ‘grift’

During a segment on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House this Wednesday, the panel discussed a new report from The New York Times that states Donald Trump has “spent more than $100 million on lawyers and other costs related to fending off various investigations, indictments and his coming criminal trials” — money that has come “almost entirely on donations made in an attempt to fight the results of the 2020 election.”

Speaking during the segment, political strategist Tim Miller acknowledged that soliciting donations to pay down legal bills is legal, but “like everything else, Donald Trump has exacerbated it and expanded it and done it in the griftiest and most over-the-top way imaginable to benefit himself.”

Nevertheless, paying down legal bills with supporter donations opens Trump up to a “political vulnerability,” according to Miller. While many of his supporters are happy to give Trump money, “there are some that he’s defrauded,” he said, giving the example of the “automatic check button” where voters think they’re “giving him $10 but actually you’re giving him $10 recurring every month and you have to uncheck it to not give him the $10.”

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According to Miller, President Joe Biden should utilize a campaign message saying, “Donald Trump scammed you, he defrauded you, he stole your money to pay for his own ritzy lifestyle. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is investing in your communities … That’d be at least a fun message to put on Fox and Newsmax to shake the tree a little bit.”

Miller went on to say that it’s ironic how Trump has made “the forgotten man” a focal point of his campaign, but is “robbing regular people.”

“He’s robbing them to pay for his own fancy lifestyle with the cougars at Mar-a-Lago.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

Tim Miller on MSNBC 3/27/24

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