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Trump just sent ‘a call to his supporters’ to repeat Jan. 6: former GOP governor

Donald Trump and his allies may say that the former president was taken out of context in his warning of a “bloodbath” for the country if he loses the election, but a former Republican governor says that argument is nonsense.

Former New Jersey Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman appeared on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart, where she was asked about Trump saying there would be a “bloodbath for the whole country.” Earlier in the day, a White House correspondent argued that it was clear Trump’s comments referred to more than just the auto industry.

“So governor Whitman, you know, he loves to mush a lot of stuff in what he says, then his campaign says he was only joking or it was taken out of context or, he wasn’t talking about violence on the country. I call B.S. on that. Am I wrong?” the host asked.

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“You are absolutely right,” Whitman said. “That is B.S. on that.”

She continued, saying Trump was “definitely sending a call to his supporters to have a reprise of January 6th.”

“Even worse, when he says bloodbath, that means more of the weapons we saw on January 6th,” she added. “It’s appalling to have an ex-president, former is for someone who just left, ex is for someone who was beaten and taken out of the White House, an ex-president of the United States to say that, and follow it up with it would be the end of elections as we know them.”

Finally, she noted that Trump is “being very clear on what he plans to do if he’s back in power.”

“Shame on us if we ignore this. It happened back in the 1930s when a fellow called Hitler wrote Mein Kampf.”

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