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Trump lawyer Habba says courtroom like ‘Twilight Zone’

Former President Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, said she sat in the New York courtroom during his hush money trial Thursday and compared it to the “Twilight Zone.”

“So, you know, you walk in and it’s really actually something surreal. You feel like you’re in the ‘Twilight zone,’” Habba told Fox News’s Jesse Watters

Habba said she saw several familiar faces in the crowd when she arrived at the Manhattan courthouse, including Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly, CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins and conservative attorney George Conway.

“And you know, I appreciate that they all want to act journalistic in those moments. I’m sitting there and I’m looking but they’re snarking and it’s a very strange feeling,” Habba said.

Last month, Habba said she wasn’t optimistic the New York court would “do the right thing.”

The fourth week of Trump’s hush money trial will conclude Friday, after porn actor and director Stormy Daniels took the stand for multiple days of questioning earlier in the week.

Daniels alleges she had sex with Trump at a celebrity golf event in Lake Tahoe and was paid to cover up the story before the 2016 presidential election.

Trump denies having sex with Daniels. His team argued that the details she shared in court were so inappropriate that a mistrial should be warranted, but the judge disagreed.

Habba said on Fox News that those in the courtroom would start typing on laptops “when anything salacious happens” but keyboards would be silent when “actual law and facts are discussed.”

Watters also asked Habba about Judge Juan Merchan, and his ability to control the courtroom for the unprecedented case. On several occasions, Merchan has given Trump stern warnings for violating the gag order, which requires he cannot speak about the jury.

“He is definitely commanding. You can tell that he is outspoken, you can tell that he has an opinion,” Habba said of Merchan. “In front of the jury, do I think it’s appropriate? No.”

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