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Trump lawyer John Eastman ‘will lose his ability to practice law’ after judge’s new ruling

John Eastman, who was indicted alongside former president Donald Trump for his alleged role in a scheme to overturn the results of Georgia’s presidential election in 2020, has reportedly been recommended for disbarment by an attorney discipline judge.

The court recommended disbarment for Eastman, who has previously seen his Trump-related legal arguments shot down in the public square, on Wednesday, according to POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney.

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“BREAKING: John Eastman should be disbarred, a California judge ruled Wednesday, issuing her final report after months of hearings and testimony about his fringe legal effort to keep Donald Trump in power,” he wrote. “Eastman will lose his ability to practice law in three days.”

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins also reported the news:

“Breaking news: An attorney discipline judge in California has recommended that John Eastman, the architect of Trump’s attempts to overturn the election, be disbarred,” she reported.

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin added that the filing is 128 pages.

“NEW: In a 128-page decision following lengthy trial proceedings, a California court recommends John Eastman be disbarred,” she said Wednesday.

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