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Trump prosecution wants these 10 posts removed

Prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney’s office say former President Trump has violated a gag order 10 times since it was imposed on April 1.

The order bars him from attacking witnesses, prosecutors, court staff and the judge’s family in his hush money case, in which he stands accused of paying off a porn star ahead of the 2016 election to prevent the public from learning of an alleged affair, then writing down the payment as a legal expense.

During a hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors asked the court to order Trump to take down 10 posts — eight from his social media account and two from his campaign website — on the grounds they violate the gag order. A number of these posts include attacks on Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and fixer, and Stormy Daniels, who Cohen allegedly paid off on Trump’s behalf to keep quiet about an alleged affair.

While the hearing on the gag order concluded Tuesday morning, Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over the case in Manhattan, has yet to hand down a ruling.

These are the 10 posts in question.

Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels media appearances

“Thank you to Michael Avenatti — for revealing the truth about two sleaze bags who have, with their lies and misrepresentations, cost our Country dearly,” Trump posted on April 10, in response to a post from imprisoned attorney Michael Avenatti.

The post from Avenatti on X on April 2 read: “We can’t be hypocrites when it comes to the 1st Amendment. It is outrageous that Cohen and Daniels can do countless TV interviews, post on social, & make $ on bogus documentaries – all by talking sh– about Trump – but he’s gagged and threatened with jail if he responds.”

Daniels’ 2018 statement denying relationship with Trump

“LOOK WHAT WAS JUST FOUND,” the former President posted on the morning of April 10, above a photo of a 2018 statement from Daniels denying her relationship with Trump. “WILL THE FAKE NEWS REPORT IT?”

‘Disgraced attorney and felon’ Michael Cohen

“Has Mark POMERANTZ been prosecuted for his terrible acts in and out of the D.A.’s Office,” Trump said in a Truth Social post on April 13, referring to one of the senior Manhattan prosecutors who investigated the former president, and resigned in February 2023.

“Has disgraced attorney and felon Michael Cohen been prosecuted for LYING,” Trump continued. “Only TRUMP people get prosecuted by this Judge and these thugs! A dark day for our Country. MAGA 2024!!!”

Jonathan Turley’s ‘serial perjurer’ article for The New York Post

“A serial perjurer will try to prove an old misdemeanor against Trump in an embarrassment for the New York legal system,” Trump quoted in a post on April 15, attaching a link to legal scholar Jonathan Turley’s article with the same headline for The New York Post.

Truth Puke has previously published op-eds written by Turley.

Repost on Truth Social: Turley’s ‘serial perjurer’ article

Trump reposted the same link and quote to Turley’s article slightly more than an hour after he made the first post on April 15.

“Making this assorted business even more repellant will be the appearance of Cohen himself on the stand,” Turley wrote.

“Cohen was recently denounced by a judge as a serial perjurer who is continuing to game the system.”

Repost on Trump’s campaign website: Turley’s ‘serial perjurer’ article

The former president also linked to Turley’s article on his 2024 campaign website.

The page’s title reads, “ICYMI: ‘A serial perjurer will try to prove an old misdemeanor against Trump in an embarrassment for the New York Legal system'”.

Second Truth Social repost: Turley’s ‘serial perjurer’ article

Trump simply linked the url for the New York Post article from Turley a day after his initial post on Truth Social.

National Review article on Cohen guilty plea

The former president shared a screenshot of the a full article in the National Review from Andrew McCarthy, titled “No, Cohen’s Guilty Plea Does Not Prove Trump Committed Campaign-Finance Crimes,” in a Truth Social post April 16.

Second repost on Trump’s campaign website: Turley’s ‘serial perjurer’ article

The Trump campaign’s website linked to the article again the day after it was first shared on the website.

“A serial perjurer will try to prove an old misdemeanor against Trump in an embarrassment for the New York legal system”.

“Read the full article by Jonathan Turley for the NY Post here,” the page read.

Jesse Watters quote slamming prospective jurors

“They are catching undercover Liberal Activists lying to the Judge in order to get on the Trump Jury,” Trump shared on Truth Social April 17, quoting Fox News anchor Jesse Watters.

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