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Trump rolls out slew of endorsements for challengers to lawmakers that voted to oust Paxton

Former President Trump rolled out a slew of endorsements Tuesday for those challenging Texas Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach state Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) last year.

Trump repeatedly defended Paxton throughout the impeachment process, during which the Texas attorney general was accused of using his office for the benefit of friends and political donors and then later firing his deputies who flagged it. The Texas House voted to impeach Paxton in connection to the allegations in May 2023, but the state Senate voted to acquit him last September.

On Tuesday, Trump endorsed four state House candidates — Liz Case, Mike Olcott, Helen Kerwin and Alan Schoolcraft —who are challenging state representatives who voted to impeach Paxton. He labeled each of the Republican lawmakers as RINOs, meaning “Republican in Name Only.”

He also noted that the four candidates he endorsed were also supported by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) and Paxton.

The Texas GOP primary will be held on Super Tuesday, which is March 5.

Trump said Case — the Republican challenging state Rep. Stan Lambert (R) in Texas House District 71 — will “Champion School Choice, Secure our Elections, Lower your Taxes, Defend our Second Amendment, Advocate for Border Security, and Fight Back against the Woke Mob destroying our Country,” according to a post on Truth Social.

He said Olcott, who is challenging state Rep. Glenn Rogers (R) in Texas House District 60, will also be a proponent of school choice and the Second Amendment in his Truth Social endorsement.

The daughter of Kerwin, who is the challenger to state Rep. DeWayne Burns (R) in the 58th District, previously served in the former president’s administration, Trump wrote on Truth Social. He reiterated that Kerwin would also support school choice, work on border security and cut taxes.

“Helen Kerwin is an America First Conservative, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement,” he wrote on Truth Social.

“Thank you, President Trump, for your powerful endorsement! Thank you for your trust,” Kerwin wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “I am inspired by you every day and promise never to let you down! I am ready to #StandWithTexas and #SaveAmerica!”

Trump also endorsed Schoolcraft, who is challenging state Rep. John Kuempel (R) in the 44th District, with a similar message.

“Alan Schoolcraft is running in Texas State House District 44 against RINO John Kuempel, who voted to Impeach Texas’ Great Attorney General, Ken Paxton. In the State Legislature, Alan will Champion School Choice, Fight for Election Integrity, Defend Texas Values, Secure the Border, and Protect our Second Amendment, which is under siege by the Radical Left,” he wrote.

Trump also endorsed a primary challenger to Texas state House Speaker Dade Phelan’s (R) reelection bid last month due to Phelan’s role in the “fraudulent” failed impeachment trial of Paxton.

Truth Puke has reached out to Lambert, Rogers, Burns and Kuempel for comment on the endorsements.

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