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Trump shares video of Alina Habba upset that people on CNN think she’s a ‘terrible lawyer’

Donald Trump on Easter Sunday shared a video of his attorney, Alina Habba, lamenting the fact that she is considered a “terrible lawyer” by so many people on CNN and MSNBC.

Habba, who was widely criticized by legal analysts and experts for her performance in Trump’s E. Jean Carroll defamation trial, appeared on the PBD Podcast in a recent episode. The hosts ask Habba about Carroll, and about the restrictions the defense faced when it came to presenting evidence in that case.

Trump took it upon himself to share the episode, writing, “What kind of a justice system is this? SO UNFAIR.”

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“Couldn’t even present evidence,” he added. “The judge was an out of control disaster. Election interference. Will win on appeal.”‘

The video opens with the hosts mocking Carroll as a “crazy person” with “crazy” hair.

Habba laments the fact that she couldn’t play in court a video of Carroll on CNN talking about some people having rape fantasies.

“I couldn’t show this in court!” she exclaimed.

They also played a video of Carroll giving a tour of her house.

“I tried to get this in but they wouldn’t let me,” Habba complains.

“Then you have these people on CNN and MSNBC saying, ‘Oh, she’s a terrible lawyer,'” Habba added as she scoffed. “I couldn’t bring it in because the judge wouldn’t let me!”

Watch the video below or click the link.

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