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Trump ‘takes a swipe’ at judge’s daughter in official letter fighting gag order expansion

Donald Trump’s legal team Friday unveiled a letter to the judge in the ex-president’s hush money case, seeking to fight expansion of the established gag order — and “taking a swipe” at the jurist’s daughter once again.

Trump, who recently caused a stir when he lashed out at the judge’s daughter on social media and included her name for his loyal followers, on Friday sought to advance a preliminary strike on any potential attempt to rein in his attacks on the judge’s family.

The letter was flagged by Tyler McBrien, managing editor at Lawfare.

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“JUST IN: Trump’s defense team sent a premotion letter to Justice Merchan clarifying the express terms of the gag order, saying that contrary to the People’s suggestion, ‘the Court cannot ‘direct’ President Trump to do something that the gag order does not require,'” according to the journalist.

The letter itself, appearing to respond to prosecutors’ attempts to consider whether Trump potentially violated the order, says that “‘to clarify and confirm’ the meaning of the gag order in the way the People suggest would be to expand it.”

“No expansion is appropriate on the basis of a one-page letter citing only two cases, and where President Trump’s response has been restricted to a single page required to be submitted the following day while President Trump and defense counsel are preparing for trial,” the letter states.

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin also noted on air that the filing was made public, saying Trump’s team used the opportunity to “take a swipe” at the judge’s daughter again.

“Most chillingly, they take a swipe at Judge Merchan’s daughter, saying that the constitutional problems, and I’m reading from the letter, I apologize, attendant were any additional improper restrictions on protected campaign speech would not only implicate first amendment rights that belong not only to President Trump but to the public, but are especially offensive, and this is the quote, where the family member referenced in the pre-motion letter, referring to the letter sent by the D.A. apparently yesterday, is actively supporting adversarial campaign speech by President Trump’s political opponents,” she said.

“In other words, his attacks on her are justified according to them because Judge Merchan’s daughter is an employee of, if not a leader of, a digital strategy firm that works with Democratic candidates and Democratic-affiliated causes. They say that that means that she should be fair game here.”

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