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Trump Tells Massive Crowd: “Day One” Executive Order Will Target Offshore Wind To Save Whales

Trump Tells Massive Crowd: “Day One” Executive Order Will Target Offshore Wind To Save Whales

Former President Trump revealed at a large rally on Saturday evening in Wildwood, New Jersey, that if re-elected, he would sign an executive order on his first day in office to address offshore wind development along the East Coast. 

Trump told a crowd of thousands that windmills are killing whales and fish. He pointed out that only a small number of whales died before wind farm developments, but now, whales are dying “all the time.” 

“We are going to make sure that that ends on day one,” he said, adding, “I’m going to write it out in an executive order.”

Trump has said before, “Windmills are causing whales to die in numbers never seen before.” He made that comment at a campaign rally in South Carolina in 2023.  

(Illustration by The Epoch Times)

“They’re washing up ashore. I saw it this weekend, three of them came up. You wouldn’t see it once a year. Now they’re coming up on a weekly basis,” he continued. 

Trump is correct. Since 2016, or around the time offshore wind development began to ramp up, there has been a noticeable uptick in whale deaths along the East Coast. 

Data from NOAA Fisheries shows humpback whale strandings from Maine to Florida have surged post-2016. 

Meanwhile, New Jersey has been on a quest to distinguish itself as the top offshore wind state on the east coast. The Garden State has approved three offshore wind farms and is soliciting more requests. 

However, left-leaning corporate media has routinely blasted Trump for attacking wind farms – calling his attacks “largely baseless.” Bloomberg, which prides itself in ESG, said, “There is no evidence linking offshore wind development to whale deaths.” 

Regarding the promise of the executive order, we’re sure he’ll fulfill it – just add it to the stack of executive orders that will likely be released on day one (only if he gets reelected). 

Mon, 05/13/2024 – 17:20

Source: ZeroHedge News

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