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Trump To Appeal E. Jean Carroll Case, Citing Unconstitutional Silencing

Following the conclusion of the trial, former President Donald Trump has announced his intention to appeal the case involving author E. Jean Carroll. Carroll is suing Trump for sexual battery and defamation, alleging that he raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s.

In his announcement, Trump cited his belief that he has been “unconstitutionally silenced” during the trial and has been unable to defend himself properly. He took to his Truth Social platform to express his frustration, stating, “Despite being a current political candidate and leading all others in both parties, I am not allowed to speak or defend myself in this false accusation case.”

Trump’s legal team is now preparing to appeal the verdict, which found him liable for sexual abuse and defamation and ordered him to pay $5 million in damages. They will argue that he has been unfairly silenced throughout the trial, hindering his ability to defend himself against the allegations.

Throughout the trial, the allegations made by Carroll have been at the heart of the case. While the jury did not find Trump guilty of rape, they did find him liable for sexual abuse and defamation of Carroll’s character.

As the appeal process begins, there is sure to be continued controversy surrounding the case. Only time will tell if Trump receives a fair and just outcome in the appeals court.


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