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Trump Unleashes Epic Verbal Barrage: “Wicked Witch” 🧙‍♀️ Pelosi Takes a Hit 🥊

Former President Donald J. Trump lashed out at his long-standing rival, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a scorching online tirade that set the internet ablaze. This fiery exchange comes after Pelosi took a jab at Trump’s legal battles, provoking the ex-President’s wrath.

In a bold move on his Truth Social platform, Trump hurled verbal grenades at Pelosi, branding her a “Wicked Witch” and accusing her of delighting in his legal troubles. The former President didn’t stop there; he even implicated Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, in the fray. Trump’s unapologetic stance and vivid rhetoric have once again captivated the nation’s attention.

image of Donald Trump Truth
Donald labels Nacy Pelosi a wicked witch

As the dust settles from this latest clash, the decades-long animosity between Trump and Pelosi takes center stage. Trump’s staunch supporters laud his resilience and no-nonsense approach, seeing him as a fearless champion against a perceived political establishment.

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