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Trump’s Controversial Indictment Sparks Legal Outrage

The recent criminal indictment against former President Donald Trump has triggered a remarkably furious reaction from the US legal community. Renowned American constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz labeled it “dubious” and believes Trump has significant prospects of prevailing in court.

While Democrats accused Trump of attempting to incite an insurrection against American democracy, special counsel Jack Smith refrained from pursuing such charges, likely realizing the difficulty of proving them in court. During the Capitol protests, Trump urged his supporters on social media to avoid violence.

Instead, Smith utilized a centuries-old 1870 law, aimed at safeguarding African American voters from the Ku Klux Klan, accusing Trump of impeding Americans from casting their votes. The indictment aims to establish that Trump knowingly lied about election fraud to alter the election’s outcome.

However, proving that Trump did not genuinely consider his victory stolen will be challenging. Furthermore, applying the same standard to other candidates would potentially implicate Hillary Clinton for propagating blatantly false and debunked claims about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia in 2016.

This selective application of justice, evident also in the handling of secret documents involving Clinton and Biden, but with only Trump being targeted for prosecution, further erodes trust in the US law enforcement system. It sets a significant precedent that future Republicans might exploit if they come to power, leading to potential prosecutions of Biden or Clinton.

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