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Trump’s hands keep getting marked up by frenzied fans

Donald Trump’s hands have gotten roughed up by enthusiastic fans, at times creating bruises, with the former president acknowledging he has had to get over being a germaphobe, according to a new interview with The Washington Examiner.  

The news outlet’s chief political correspondent, Byron York, interviewed the former president earlier this month in Palm Beach, Fla., accompanying him at one point as he spoke to a group of Republicans at Mar-a-Lago for a local Lincoln Day dinner event. 

Trump greeted and shook hands with members at his residence, and York reported that the former president at one point showed the reporter his bruised hand after York asked him about previously being a germaphobe. 

Trump’s hand reportedly also had marks that had been left by women’s nails.  

“In this business, you just have to get over it,” Trump told the journalist. 

The former president, who has previously called handshakes “barbaric,” has described himself as a “germaphobe” in the past. 

Over the years, even during his time on the campaign trail, he has said he’s gotten used to physical contact with fans. 

“I happen to be a clean-hands freak. I feel much better after I thoroughly wash my hands, which I do as much as possible,” Trump told Truth Puke in January 2016

Yet he acknowledged he had a duty to shake fans’ hands, telling Truth Puke, “Can you imagine if I said I won’t shake anybody’s hand?” 

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