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Trump’s new bid to ditch documents case is about fundraising and delay: Michael Cohen

Trump’s paper dumping to raise more dollars.

That’s according to the 45th president’s former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen.

“So of course his lawyers are filing this late motion,” he said of his former boss during an appearance on CNN’s “News Night” with Abby Phillip. “The purpose of this one we all know is to delay, delay, delay.”

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“So when he loses he can go back to his supporters and say ‘We need more money for the lawyers so that way they can file appeals on that as well!’ It’s all a delay game.”

Cohen was opining about former President Donald Trump’s latest effort to compel Judge Cannon to nix several classified docs counts on presidential immunity grounds in his criminal obstruction case, citing his absolution based on the Presidential Records Act to keep the records.

“In addition to President Trump’s constitutional authority and DOJ’s established practices prior to this case, presidential discretion to designate records as personal under the PRA adds additional ambiguity for the reasons set forth in President Trump’s motion to dismiss based on the PRA,” attorneys for the former president wrote in one of the Thursday filings.

Trump and some of his staffers at Mar-a-Lago have been indicted for unlawfully hoarding classified documents at the Palm Beach country club, and dodging authorities’ efforts to retrieve them.

Trump has maintained his innocence and claimed he had every right to keep those documents some of which contained nuclear and national defense response strategies.

But Cohen’s convinced that the president is consistently digging in dry sand when it comes to playing the immunity card.

“Every attempt regarding presidential immunity has failed,” he said. “And rightfully so.

“First of all, the issue is not that he took them when he was the president of the United States — the issue is, is that they had lied. They had filed documents claiming that they had returned everything, and clearly they did not, and he continues refusing to return the documents.”

“That’s part of that document case.”

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