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Truth Can’t Be Hidden: Even The Fiercest Vaccine Advocates Admitting The mRNAs’ Failures

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKEAWAY: In a recent article published by The New York Times titled “Should You Get Another Covid Booster?”, the United States was suggested as being negligent in not authorizing another round of booster shots, a move already taken by Britain and Canada. The article was authored by Apoorva Mandavilli, a Covid reporter who has received criticism for her work. The piece included quotes from two vaccine advocates, Dr. Celine Gounder and Dr. Paul Offit. Surprisingly, Gounder, who has previously pushed for mRNA jabs, only recommended regular shots for immunocompromised individuals and those in nursing homes. Meanwhile, Offit went even further, rejecting additional doses of those “perfect” mRNA vaccines for everyone, including the immunocompromised, due to a lack of data. It seems that vaccine advocates are now avoiding language that could discourage people from getting vaccinated as the failure of the mRNA vaccines becomes more apparent.


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