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Tucker Carlson’s Controversial Interview With Andrew Tate Sparks Heated Debate [Watch Full Interview]

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently ignited a firestorm of controversy with his two-and-a-half-hour interview with social media influencer Andrew Tate. Tate, who was charged with rape and human trafficking in Romania last month, has yet to be convicted of any charges. Despite the backlash, Carlson’s interview garnered an impressive 25 million views and 200,000 likes on Tuesday.

While figures like billionaire Elon Musk and former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik praised the interview, it also drew criticism from conservative commentators and Carlson’s own viewers. Erick Erickson, a conservative commentator, tweeted, “Tate is charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group to sexually exploit women. Are you an Andrew Tate right-winger or a Sound of Freedom right-winger? You can’t really be both,” referencing the movie “Sound of Freedom” that conservatives have been promoting online this month.

Notably, some conservatives expressed discomfort with the length of the interview, which was approximately as long as a Harry Potter movie. Fox News columnist David Marcus tweeted, “Two and a half hours? I don’t think so,” while former Republican Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh criticized the interview, stating, “Two and a half hours defending & singing the praises of an accused rapist and human trafficker. So brave.”

Andrew Tate, who identifies as a self-proclaimed “misogynist,” rose to prominence through his controversial videos and social media posts about women. According to prosecutors, Tate is accused of luring women to his Romanian compound and coercing them into producing pornographic content for his personal gain. Prior to the interview, Tucker Carlson staunchly defended Tate against the rape and human trafficking charges, claiming that he had been unfairly targeted and that his detention amounted to a violation of human rights.

Although opinions on the interview remain divided, one thing is clear: Tucker Carlson’s influence and viewership have not wavered, as his interview with Andrew Tate garnered widespread attention. As the controversy rages on, the fate of Andrew Tate’s legal battles and Tucker Carlson’s unwavering support for him continue to be closely watched by both critics and fans alike.

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