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U.S. Intelligence Exposes Ukrainian Plot to Target Nord Stream Pipeline, Mystery Deepens as Ukrainian Diving Boot Emerges at the Scene

Ukraine’s alleged involvement in the planning of the Nord Stream pipeline attack, as revealed by the Washington Post, has cast doubt on Russia’s initial blame and sparked a wave of concern regarding Ukraine’s actions and the fragile alliance against Russia. European intelligence sources, sharing evidence with the CIA in June 2022, indicated that Ukraine had knowledge of the attack three months prior to its occurrence. This revelation has challenged the previous narrative surrounding the incident, leaving many questioning the true nature of events.

According to an intelligence report originating from a reliable source within Ukraine, a covert operation was underway involving the Ukrainian military. The plan, which bore striking similarities to the actual bombing that took place in September, entailed a small team of divers reporting directly to Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s highest-ranking military officer. Their objective was to inflict damage upon or destroy the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The report further revealed that Ukraine intended to carry out the attack following the BALTOPS naval exercise in June 2022.

The gravity of these allegations prompted the report to be shared with Germany and other European countries. Western officials have long regarded the Nord Stream attack as a perilous act of sabotage against Europe’s energy infrastructure. However, Ukraine has consistently denied any involvement in the attack, while its officials have remained silent in response to these recent claims. Likewise, the White House and the CIA have refrained from providing any comments or statements on the matter.

As the investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline attack continues, mounting evidence points towards Ukraine’s culpability, casting doubt on Russia’s initial accusation. The European intelligence report, shared with the CIA, Germany, and other European nations, has provided specific details about the planned attack and has been corroborated as accurate by officials from multiple countries.

The evidence suggests that the Ukrainian military meticulously orchestrated the attack, with operatives reporting directly to Gen. Valery Zaluzhny to ensure President Volodymyr Zelensky’s plausible deniability. By keeping Zelensky uninformed, Ukraine aimed to avert public outrage and protect Western support, particularly from Germany. The pipeline bombing, which resulted in severe damage to Europe’s energy security, strained diplomatic relations, and left only one gas link intact, has had far-reaching consequences.

German investigators, committed to uncovering the truth, have made significant discoveries that align with the earlier plot described in the intelligence report. Suspected Ukrainian operatives, employing false identities, allegedly rented a sailing yacht and planted explosives on the pipeline, positioned approximately 240 feet underwater. The presence of explosive residue on the pipeline, matching traces found inside the yacht’s cabin, further strengthens the connection between the Ukrainian individuals and the sabotage operation.

Initially, the CIA raised concerns regarding the credibility of the intelligence. However, it chose to share the information with Germany and other European nations. While some aspects of the plan may have been altered following the dissemination of the intelligence, it remains evident that Ukraine possessed both the capability and motive to carry out the attack.

These recent developments have added a new layer of complexity to the investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline attack. The focus now turns towards Ukraine’s actions within the ongoing conflict, the potential strain on the fragile alliance against Russia, and the pressing need for a comprehensive reassessment of the situation. As more evidence continues to emerge, the world waits in anticipation to witness how the involved parties will respond to this alarming revelation.

Update: Boot Discovery Fuels Speculation on Ukraine’s Involvement

In a significant development, The Grayzone, an investigative outlet, participated in what appears to be the first independent expedition to investigate the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage on June 5th, 2023. During the expedition, near one of the blast sites, a noteworthy discovery emerged. A boot resembling those utilized by US and Ukrainian military divers was reportedly found in close proximity to the site.

This finding further bolsters the mounting evidence pointing towards Ukraine’s involvement in the pipeline sabotage. The resemblance between the discovered boot and those used by US and Ukrainian military divers raises additional questions regarding Ukraine’s potential role in the attack. It is crucial to note that while this discovery does not provide definitive proof of Ukraine’s culpability, it contributes to the growing body of evidence implicating Ukraine in the incident.

The Grayzone’s involvement in the investigation underscores the significance of independent scrutiny and thorough examination of the facts. Their participation sheds light on crucial aspects of the case and contributes to the ongoing pursuit of truth and justice. As the investigation progresses, the findings from this expedition, coupled with the existing evidence, will shape the narrative surrounding the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage.

It is imperative to approach these developments with utmost professionalism and objectivity, ensuring that all relevant evidence is considered. The discovery of the boot introduces another layer of intrigue and further underscores the need for a comprehensive reassessment of the situation. As the international community eagerly awaits further updates, the implications of Ukraine’s alleged involvement in the Nord Stream pipeline attack continue to reverberate, underscoring the complex geopolitical dynamics at play.

Disclaimer: Truth Puke LLC does not endorse any particular side and provides coverage based on available information and ongoing investigations.

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