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Ukraine Demands Billion-Dollar Donation From Shell’s Wartime Windfall

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: Kyiv is demanding that the energy firm donate an unexpected financial gain made during wartime, citing a moral obligation.

Ukraine’s economic advisor, Oleg Ustenko, has called on Shell to donate more than $1 billion in unexpected profits from a potential sale of its assets in Russia to help rebuild Ukraine. Ustenko argues that if the sale is completed, it would represent the transfer of “blood money” into Shell’s accounts.

NGO Global Witness states that the funds would amount to more than a tenth of the total repair bill for attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which a U.N. report warns could be as high as $10 billion. This comes after Shell announced its exit from the Russian market and wrote off up to $5 billion of assets and investments in the country last year.

The company has not given a public comment on the matter.


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