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Ukraine Drone Attack On Kerch Bridge Reportedly Linked To British Military Intelligence

An independent investigation by Grayzone has unveiled a potential link between Ukraine’s recent drone attack on the Kerch Bridge and a group of former British military intelligence agents. According to leaked documents, this “cabal of British military-intelligence freelancers,” headed by Chris Donnelly, has been in collaboration with Ukraine’s Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) since April 2022.

Grayzone previously published leaked files demonstrating the partnership in October 2022, following the first attack on the Crimean Bridge. The recent drone strike, which tragically claimed two civilian lives and orphaned a 14-year-old girl, once again points to Donnelly’s group as the likely planners.

Described as a “senior intelligence operative and former high-ranking NATO advisor,” Donnelly is believed to be orchestrating London’s covert involvement in the proxy war through companies like Prevail Partners and Thomas in Winslow. These entities signed a “technical support” agreement with the Odessa SBU branch, granting access to surveillance drones for monitoring coastlines and Russian movements, along with satellite imagery for military and black operations.

One of the revelations in the documents is a “Kerch Bridge info pack” presentation provided by a Prevail “geospatial intelligence” specialist. The pack proposed various plans to blow up the bridge connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland. One such plan involved detonating a vessel containing ammonia nitrate directly under the bridge, reminiscent of the devastating 2020 Beirut explosion.

Additionally, the British advisers have reportedly aided Kiev in targeting alleged “Russian collaborators” within Ukraine’s controlled territories. Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, publicly boasted about intelligence services “shooting them like pigs.”

The investigation highlights the complexity of the ongoing conflict, raising questions about the role of foreign actors in shaping events on the ground. As further evidence emerges, the ramifications of such covert operations may have far-reaching implications for regional stability and international relations.

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