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Ukraine’s Azov Battalion: Ready to Seize Small Russian Towns

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has resulted in Ukraine’s attempts to regain its territories from Russian occupation. In a bid to spearhead this effort, the Ukrainian government has designated the Azov Battalion, which recently absorbed other elements of the country’s National Guard, as one of six “offensive brigades.” The brigade leaders are seeking to move past the controversy surrounding Azov’s far-right roots, which in the past has resulted in the unit being temporarily barred from receiving Western weapons.

Representatives of the Azov battalion have emphasized the use of tactics that involve capturing small Russian cities during the upcoming counteroffensive to regain its territories. This would allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use them as leverage for the return of territories held by Russia.

Despite heavy combat losses, Azov hopes to rebuild its forces by recruiting 6,500 new fighters. Additionally, the brigade insists on the return of over 1,000 of its troops who remain in Russia as prisoners of war.

As Ukraine plans its next major assault, the capturing of small Russian towns may prove to be a crucial tactic in the effort to regain control of occupied territories, however, it’s difficult to predict what Russia’s response will be, and the outcome of Ukraine’s counteroffensive remains to be seen.


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