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Unveiling The Agenda: The Dark Side Of The Global Push Towards Veganism

In a recent article published by The Daily Bell, Ben Bartee argues against the global push towards veganism as a means of combating climate change. Bartee suggests that this agenda is part of a technocrat-driven effort to replace meat with synthetic and lab-grown substitutes, benefiting investors like Bill Gates. The article cites several examples of anti-meat propaganda in the media, including a surgeon’s anecdotal account of operating on patients with plant-based diets versus meat-eaters, CNN’s call for pet owners to feed their animals insects to reduce their carbon pawprints, and a veganism-promoting study by which claimed superior athletic performance for vegans. Bartee argues that these claims are often based on flawed studies with inadequate sample sizes and a lack of controls. Finally, the article takes issue with a Vice article that accuses dairy consumers of being “unsettling” and racist, suggesting that this is yet another example of a misguided and biased agenda to promote veganism at all costs.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE BELOW: By Ben Bartee @ The Daily Bell

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