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US Cracks Down on Russian Sanctions Evaders: Turkey, UAE, and China Targeted

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: On April 6, 2023, the United States, in coordination with the UK, has imposed sanctions on over 120 people and entities from over 20 countries and jurisdictions.

The sanctions aim to increase pressure on Russia over its war in Ukraine, targeting private military companies, entities linked to the state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom, among others. In addition, Russian sanctions evaders and financial facilitators around the world were targeted, including Turkey, United Arab Emirates and China-based people and companies.

The actions reflect an effort by the US government to both broaden the web of US sanctions placed on Moscow since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine and to squelch efforts to circumvent them. These efforts also include providing extensive weaponry to Ukraine in its 13-month effort to fend off the Russian invasion.

One of the main targets of these sanctions was Russian billionaire businessman Alisher Usmanov, who the Treasury described as having “at his disposal a wide network of businesses in financial safe havens and family members through which to conduct financial transactions, enabling him to potentially circumvent sanctions.” The inclusion of Megafon, one of Russia’s big four telecoms operators, marks a shift as Western sanctions have so far stopped short of targeting Russia’s telecoms infrastructure.

Overall, these sanctions demonstrate a continued effort by the US and its allies to disrupt evasion schemes that support Putin on the battlefield and constrain Russia’s economic and political power.


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