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US Flexes Military Muscle in West Asia as Regional Dynamics Shift

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The Pentagon has deployed the USS Florida, a nuclear-powered, guided-missile submarine, to the Red Sea in support of the Bahrain-based US Fifth Fleet. According to experts, the move is seen as a public show of force aimed at deterring resistance groups from targeting the US occupation army and its allies.

As China and Russia expand their influence in West Asia and Arab nations move to reconcile with Iran and Syria, Washington’s grip on the region is seen to be weakening. The USS Florida’s arrival in the region coincides with a historic meeting between the Iranian and Saudi foreign ministers in Beijing, with the two countries moving to restore ties in a deal kept secret from Washington.

With the potential for further regional instability, the US is taking all necessary measures to defend its interests, as also evidenced by the recent dispatch of a squadron of A-10 planes to West Asia in response to a major resistance attack against US occupation bases in Syria’s oil-rich region.


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