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Victory Day Jitters: Russian Paranoia Ahead Of Celebrations

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The forthcoming Victory Day celebrations in Russia, which commemorate the Soviet Union’s triumph over Nazi Germany, have been beset by a range of unprecedented challenges. These celebrations have been established as the centerpiece of Vladimir Putin’s vision for Russian identity during his 23-year tenure. However, these difficulties have arisen in the wake of drone assaults on the Kremlin and the public announcement by one of Putin’s top military commanders, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and the Wagner Group founder that they will depart Bakhmut on May 10th. Fearing Ukrainian strikes, at least six Russian regions have cancelled their festivities. Victory Day, which occurs on May 9, has become Putin’s most significant event of the year, as he seeks to position himself as the direct successor to the army that conquered Nazi Germany. Despite the drone attack and military mutiny, the parade in Moscow will proceed, and Putin is likely to draw historical parallels between World War II and the conflict in Ukraine. This is his opportunity to demonstrate to the country that he is still powerful and in charge of the special military operation in Ukraine.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE BELOW: By Pjotr Sauer via The Guardian

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