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[VIDEO] Assassination Attempt On Putin: Kremlin Attacked, Ukraine Blamed

In a dramatic turn of events, the Kremlin was attacked by Ukrainian drones in an alleged assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moscow residents reported hearing two explosions and seeing smoke filling the sky above the Kremlin, with videos showing part of the Kremlin on fire. The Russian presidential administration has described the incident as a “planned terrorist attack” and is now threatening to take retaliatory measures.

Despite the attack, no injuries were reported, and Putin was not at the presidential residence at the time. However, the Kremlin is claiming that this was an assassination attempt on the president of Russia and is now accusing Ukraine of being behind the attack. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denies any involvement, accusing Moscow of deliberately escalating the situation ahead of May 9, when Russia marks Victory Day.

Many Russian lawmakers and Kremlin propagandists have seized on the incident to demand the military unleash more brutal attacks against Ukraine. The alleged attack comes just days before Russia’s main Victory Day parade on Red Square, an event that authorities fear could be disrupted by drone attacks. It remains unclear how a Ukrainian drone could have made it through Russia’s air defenses and into the heart of the capital.

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