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VIDEO: Controversial Russian Tycoon And Wagner Boss Prigozhin Laid To Rest

Evgeny Prigozhin, the enigmatic Russian businessman renowned for his association with the Wagner Private Military Company, has been laid to rest in a discreet ceremony at St. Petersburg’s Porokhovskoye cemetery. His media team disclosed on Tuesday that the funeral, reserved for close relatives and friends, took place.

Online imagery hints at Prigozhin’s final resting place beside his father, marked by a simple wooden cross. Both Russian flags and those of the private military company adorned the tomb, as captured in photographs. Although precise coordinates remain undisclosed, Prigozhin’s media team extended an invitation for individuals to honor his memory at the cemetery.

Evgeny Prigozhin’s life journey encompassed a diverse range of ventures, commencing with a modest hot dog stand in the 1990s. His trajectory subsequently led him to prominence as a restaurateur, securing state contracts in the 2000s and establishing his businesses as key suppliers within the education and military sectors. Further diversification occurred into realms such as construction and media holdings. Notably, his affiliation with the Wagner group garnered international recognition through activities in Syria and Ukraine.

Characterized as a vocal critic of Russian state officials, Prigozhin’s legacy encountered another dimension earlier this year when he orchestrated an unsuccessful military uprising. The circumstances surrounding his passing, alongside associates and the crew of his private jet in a recent plane crash within Russia, currently undergo scrutiny led by the Russian Investigative Committee.

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