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VIDEO: San Francisco Stores Fight Theft with Chained Fridges Amidst Rising Crime

In a bid to combat rising theft rates, San Francisco stores have taken drastic action, securing their refrigerators with chains. The city’s high crime rate has necessitated increased security measures. However, the move has led to inconvenience for customers who now require staff assistance to access frozen products.

Thieves in the area frequently target items like pizza and ice cream, leading to approximately 20 attacks daily on stores. Both customers and retail workers have expressed frustration over the time-consuming process of using buzzers to unlock goods, causing delays during shopping trips.

The situation has put additional strain on store employees, with one worker even contemplating resignation due to the increased workload involved in unlocking items and transferring them to the checkout for customers.

The radical anti-theft measures aim to keep thieves in check and safeguard valuable inventory. Nevertheless, the approach has sparked complaints from both customers and staff who find the process inconvenient and time-consuming.

Retailers across the country continue to grapple with the delicate balance of protecting their merchandise while trying to ensure a smooth shopping experience for patrons amidst the challenging backdrop of rising crime rates.

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