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Watch: CBS Reporter Horrified When Black Former Democrats Say They Will Vote Trump

Watch: CBS Reporter Horrified When Black Former Democrats Say They Will Vote Trump

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During a segment on the political sentiments of Black voters in Georgia, a reporter was shocked when a couple who were formerly Democrats declared that they are now going to vote for Donald Trump.

CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion was clearly horrified when Azad Ahmadi and his girlfriend, who had both previously voted for Obama, and were registered Democrats, announced they have both switched allegiances.

While Mr Ahmadi said he voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, Alexandria announced that she had voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, before declaring that Trump will get her vote this time around.

She explained that the economy and the cost of living while trying to raise a family are the overriding factors, while Ahmadi noted that the Democrat party long ago stopped aligning with his outlook.

Ahmadi, now a member of the Georgia Black Republicans, explained that he changed his stance just prior to Trump’s first term, adding “I’m saying first term because I’m pretty sure he’ll be in there for a second term soon. In either case, post-Obama I decided that the party just wasn’t suitable to the goals that I have.”

A shocked Killion asked “How did you come to that conclusion? Because at the end of the day, former President Obama was the first African-American president in history.”

Ahmadi responded “Absolutely. I attended the inauguration in his first term. I grew up outside of Washington, D.C. in the ’80s and ’90s, came through the system as an institutional Democrat, went through a lot of the experiences that young black men go through. Good and bad. Ending up leaving that environment. Grew up. Started looking at the world through a new lens.”

Watch the full video below:

Trump has seen a huge increase in support from Black voters, while Biden is seeing his numbers tank.

Black voters are just not buying what Biden is selling:

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