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Watch: Chile Debuts All-Female SWAT Team At UAE Competition With Humiliating Results

Watch: Chile Debuts All-Female SWAT Team At UAE Competition With Humiliating Results

It’s a veritable train wreck.  Keeping in line with the Chilean leadership’s new focus on “gender equality” and President Gabriel Boric’s goal of creating a “feminist government,”  the nation has fielded an eight member all women’s team at the annual UAE SWAT Challenge in Dubai.  The international competition is meant to give elite police forces from around the world a chance to test their mettle and receive recognition.  

Unfortunately for Chile, most countries organized their teams around merit instead of equity and woke ideology; this has put Chile at a distinct disadvantage.  The South American nation set out to send a message about gender inclusivity while other more selfish countries set out to win. 

The women’s group, hand picked from a variety of police departments, debuted in high spirits but were quickly thwarted by the competition’s obstacle course.  Specifically, the zip line and the pool…

Criminals beware, unless you have a zip line handy.  The female team faced the daunting challenge with some interesting strategies, which included cheating, with one team member trying to drag the other women across the zip line on foot.  They also dropped their firearms into the water below, perhaps to make themselves lighter and faster.   

The group’s performance is being widely panned on social media as a humiliation, but at least it was stunning and brave.  Hopefully the UAE has enough participation trophies to go around.

Tue, 02/06/2024 – 15:45

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