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Watch: Crowd Roars As Trump Enters Packed UFC Arena

Watch: Crowd Roars As Trump Enters Packed UFC Arena

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

A huge crowd at a packed UFC arena in Miami roared with delight as Donald Trump made his way into the stadium before later chanting “fuck Joe Biden!”

A video clip shows Trump walking to ringside with CEO Dana White as the audience greets him like a rock star.

Many members of the crowd reached out to high five Trump as he was given a welcome that would rival any of the top performers.

Trump was also seen shaking hands with Dave Portnoy and Dan Bongino before he took his seat.

“Never seen anything like it,” commented Mike Cernovich.

“Biden could never get this kind of introduction or energy from a crowd, absolutely unbelievable!” gushed another respondent to the video.

After Trump made his appearance and the event got underway, the audience also erupted with a huge chant of “fuck Joe Biden!”

Trump made his appearance two days after Biden delivered an angry, shouty State of the Union speech which many hope will be his last.

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Sun, 03/10/2024 – 12:52

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