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Watch: Joe Rogan Mocks Neil Young Over ‘Return’ To Spotify

Watch: Joe Rogan Mocks Neil Young Over ‘Return’ To Spotify

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Podcast King Joe Rogan took a swipe at Rock Grandpa Neil Young Thursday after Young announced earlier this week that he was returning his music to Spotify following a two year hiatus in protest of ‘COVID disinformation’ on Rogan’s output.

Here’s the backstory if you’re unfamiliar:

Young, who reportedly took a 60% revenue hit from the move, while Spotify did not, initially published a post on his website Tuesday begrudgingly announcing he was returning to the ‘Low Res’ platform.

Rather than admit he may have been wrong, or that he can’t realistically stay off the world’s biggest music platform, Young claimed that because all the other platforms like Apple and Amazon also allow content from Joe Rogan and other so called ‘disinformation’ peddlers, he may as well just go back on Spotify.

Rogan addressed Young’s actions during a conversation about COVID vaccines, stating “By the way, Neil Young came back to Spotify. Congratulations, Neil.”

Rogan added, “His excuse was he said that because all of the platforms are now allowing my disinformation, he should just go back on Spotify too.”

“Great to know you got some ethics,” Rogan added, in an open swipe at the Canadian rocker.


News articles have surfaced in their thousands about how Young is returning to Spotify, and many on social media have labeled him a hypocrite or worse.

Now, Young has deleted the initial announcement post from his website, and his music has still not appeared on Spotify, indicating that he has changed his mind again.

When previously asked by a fan in a letter (below) if he would ever go back to Spotify, Young responded “Why would I? It sounds like shit.”

Young also revealed that he asked Spotify to put disclaimers on Rogan’s content, but they initially refused to do so. Then he advised that such warnings could be difficult to find and follow.

Spotify did put disclaimers on Rogan’s content after the furore, but they do not appear to be doing it anymore.

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Fri, 03/15/2024 – 13:10

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