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Watch: Leftist Mob Threatens Kyle Rittenhouse Speaking Event At Memphis University

Watch: Leftist Mob Threatens Kyle Rittenhouse Speaking Event At Memphis University

Just in time for the 2024 election cycle, leftist activists seem to be ramping up their targeted harassment campaigns of popular conservative figures in what we’re sure will be another “fiery but mostly peaceful” year.  This week, a mob of people disrupted a Kyle Rittenhouse speaking event at the University of Memphis, then rushed at attendees while making threats, spitting and attempting to block them from leaving the campus.  Clearly, these people didn’t learn their lesson from what happened the last time a mob chased after Rittenhouse. 

It’s a reminder that even in the deepest of red states like Tennessee there are still blue cities replete with BLM and Antifa related groups poised to wreak havoc whenever an opportunity is presented.  And, there’s no doubt they will continue to be encouraged in their behavior by a grinning, mustache twirling corporate media.  Don’t be surprised if scenes like this become a daily occurrence once again the closer we get to November.  The pro-woke argument?  They believe they are allowed to disrupt your free speech with their free speech.


Comprehensive video evidence shows beyond any doubt that Kyle Rittenhouse was chased and violently attacked by BLM rioters.  Of the few shots that he fired with his rifle in self defense, he managed to hit a convicted pedophile, a chronic domestic abuser and a man with a lengthy criminal record carrying a handgun illegally.  In other words, the crowd was filled with some of the worst people in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Due to mainstream media disinformation many leftists still believe today that Rittenhouse is a “racist” that fired on black protesters.  They were all white. 

Despite all this information and the fact that he was acquitted by a jury the political left continues to view Kyle Rittenhouse as “the one that got away.”  In an era of J6 kangaroo courts putting people in prison for decades simply for being in the vicinity of the Capitol building, the expectation among Democrats was that Rittenhouse would be going to prison for life regardless of the evidence in his favor.  Instead, they were shocked to discover the courts still function normally in some places and that self defense is still self defense even when woke rioters are harmed in the process.  

The ongoing calls for “justice” against Rittenhouse showcase a deep leftist disdain for the legal system.  They’re only interested in legal decisions that serve their interests and will applaud when judges and juries do their bidding, but they will also actively disregard any decisions that they don’t like.  Meaning, in their eyes Rittenhouse will always be guilty and they will continue to try to punish him outside of the courts.

If one goes deeper into this leftist obsession, though, we find that they hate Rittenhouse less for what he did and more for what he represents.  Activists have long operated on the assumption that if they riot in the name of “social justice” they will be allowed to do whatever they want and anyone that stands up to them will be destroyed as a bigot.  Rittenhouse was supposed to simply lay down, take a beating from the mob and quietly accept his fate, becoming a joke or an anecdote for why conservatives should submit.  Instead he fought back, took his attackers down and got away with it, becoming a symbol for resistance.

Is it any wonder they despise him to this day?  

Thu, 03/21/2024 – 17:20

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