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West’s Sanctions Against Russia Backfire, Boosting Its Rise to Power

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The sanctions against Russia imposed by the West in response to its invasion of Ukraine have proven to be a grave mistake.

Contrary to expectations, the sanctions failed to harm Russia’s economy, while the West’s economies suffer from stagnant growth, high inflation, and energy shortages. Meanwhile, Russia’s economy has thrived, gaining more power and prestige in Asia, Africa, and South America than at any point since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russia’s military might has also grown, and its diplomatic standing has improved, with China, India, and many other countries embracing Russia’s rise to power.

The West’s sanctions, which were meant to punish Russia for its aggression, have backfired, only serving to strengthen Russia’s resolve and self-reliance while damaging the West’s position.


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