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What If Biden Faces Prison Instead Of Trump? Analyzing the Growing Legal Threats

Douglas MacKinnon, in his thought-provoking article featured on, provides a critical analysis of the legal threats faced by President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Acknowledging the prevailing liberal narrative that casts former President Donald Trump as the sole criminal, MacKinnon argues that unbiased scrutiny is essential, regardless of one’s political allegiance. Drawing attention to recent revelations surrounding the Bidens, he highlights the existence of alleged evidence and negative stories that demand closer examination.

The article delves into significant claims, such as the House Oversight Committee Chairman bringing forward an FBI FD-1023 form implicating a Burisma executive in bribery allegations involving Joe and Hunter Biden. Additionally, MacKinnon mentions Senator Chuck Grassley’s revelation of FBI redactions and the House Ways and Means Committee’s release of testimony from IRS “whistleblowers.” These examples underscore the need for a comprehensive assessment of the situation.

While partisan Democrats may dismiss these developments as distractions, MacKinnon urges readers to consider the possibility that multiple politicians can face legal jeopardy simultaneously. Powerful Democrats within the party, driven by their interests, may eventually reach a critical point where defending the president and his son is no longer tenable. Should this occur, the article suggests that the foundation supporting the Bidens could crumble, leading to further negative stories or evidence.

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