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‘Who is Poten?’ The most ridiculed Trump ‘misfires’ from Georgia rally

Donald Trump after his Georgia rally on Saturday night was ridiculed on social media, where users suggested he was “misfiring” and praising Russian leader “Poten.”

Trump, who began the rally headline event by mocking President Joe Biden’s lifelong documented stutter, reportedly put himself at risk for another defamation suit after he called columnist E. Jean Carroll’s story of him sexually assaulting her “crazy.” But some people were more focused on his verbal mishaps.

In one instance on Saturday, Trump appears to say, “I know Poten. I know him very well. There was no way he was going in” to Ukraine.”

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“Who is Poten?” wrote user @Lisa59064711 afterward.

A popular account called “Spiro’s Ghost” wrote, “Yes. Dementia J. Trump just said ‘Poten’ instead of Putin because his brain is misfiring constantly.”

In a second instance, Trump appears to say that Biden is weaponizing the Department of Justice against his top political “appointment, which is me.”

Actress Heather Thomas wrote, “Both the brain and the hair gone to baby poo.”

Nikki Haley supporter Kyle Sweeter added Saturday, “Trump has just as many gaffes as Biden- if not more. Both of these guys are roughly 80 years old. One is a threat to democracy. You don’t have to like Biden to vote against Trump.”

A third instance was when Trump was talking about the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“They raided my house in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, they raided. With no raid. They had no reason to do so,” he said during the election speech.

Spiro’s Ghost chimed in again.

“Dementia J. Trump is a disaster with his brain again tonight.”

Podcaster Bob Cesca said, “Many glitches tonight at a rally that started off with Trump mocking Joe Biden’s stutter.”

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