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‘Who’s going to tell him?’ Trump mocked online after appearing to say O.J. is at his rally

Donald Trump Saturday campaigned in New Jersey, but social media was focused on someone he pointed to in the crowd.

Trump delivered remarks at a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. The former president’s introduction included a mention of his “golfing friends.”

“He’s doing quite a great job. What do you think, Lawrence? Doing a great job!” the ex-president said at his weekend. “Look at those to guys, O.J., Lawrence, my golfing friends. We don’t have to agree on everything!”

Later in the speech, Trump again mentioned “O.J.” and “Lawrence,” calling them “great guys” and claiming that they once played football. Although it’s not clear to which O.J. Trump was referring, the now-deceased man who was accused of murder, O.J. Simpson, also used to play professional football and enjoyed golf.

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Conspiracy theory journalist Mike Rothschild asked in response, “Who’s going to tell him?”

Tom Joseph said, “That didn’t take long.”

“Trump is brain dead from dementia,” he added. “He thinks O.J. Simpson is in the crowd with Lawrence Taylor.”

Hedge fund trader Tom Hearden also chimed in.

“Wow Trump really is the messiah,” he said. “He raised OJ from the dead.”

@asweetgrace wrote, “Does Trump think OJ is alive? And going to play golf with him? What a f——- dumba–.”

@iamgabesanchez said, “OJ is looking up and smiling at Trump right now.”

One independent journalist, Aaron Rupar, claimed that “apparently Trump was talking about a different NFL player who goes by OJ, not OJ Simpson.”

You can watch the first part of the “O.J.” set of comments below or click the link here.

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