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Why America Must Sever All Ties With The CIA! Uncover The Dark Secrets And Corruption Plaguing The Nation’s Intelligence Agency!

In his thought-provoking article, “It is time for America to declare its independence from the CIA,” Scott Ritter presents a compelling argument for severing ties with the Central Intelligence Agency. Ritter, a respected intelligence professional, highlights the recent public statements made by CIA Director William Burns and Deputy Director David Marlowe, exposing the agency’s desire to exploit disaffection with the ongoing war in Ukraine among Russian military officers and oligarchs. By divulging their recruitment tactics, which include trolling for spies online through social media platforms like Telegram, the CIA has breached the very essence of clandestine operations.

Ritter draws upon his experience in intelligence to emphasize the importance of person-to-person contact in human intelligence collection. He criticizes the CIA’s departure from traditional methodologies, pointing out that their reliance on the internet lacks the necessary human-to-human connectivity. The author recalls historical failures, such as the compromised identities of Oleg Penkovsky and Adolf Tolkachev, who were betrayed to the Russians due to CIA security lapses. Ritter contends that the CIA’s performance in recruiting and handling Russian agents has declined since the Soviet Union’s collapse and highlights embarrassing intelligence failures that led to the Moscow Station’s depletion.

image of Adolf Tolkachev, the “billion-dollar-spy” arrested by KGB agents
Adolf Tolkachev, the “billion-dollar-spy” arrested by KGB agents

Furthermore, Ritter highlights the CIA’s attempt to overcome the challenges of physical contact with agents in hostile territories through the use of internet-based communications systems. However, he points out that such systems have been compromised in the past, leading to the arrest and execution of numerous agents. Ritter expresses skepticism about the CIA’s new proposal to rely on the dark web and Tor software for recruitment, emphasizing that these methods are not foolproof and can be exploited by adversary intelligence agencies.

The author questions the CIA’s motives for publicizing its recruitment tactics, suggesting that it may be a ploy to divert attention from the agency’s misjudgments regarding Russia. Ritter accuses the CIA of running a psychological operation against the American people, further fueling calls for the dissolution of the agency. He aligns with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s stance on abolishing the CIA, claiming that it is a cancerous growth that undermines truth and justice.

Scott Ritter’s article provides a thought-provoking critique of the CIA and its recruitment practices. With well-reasoned arguments and references to historical failures, Ritter challenges the agency’s reliance on internet-based methods, emphasizing the importance of person-to-person connectivity in intelligence operations. The article effectively raises concerns about the CIA’s transparency and credibility, lending support to the calls for its dissolution.

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