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‘Why would it be in Trump’s books?’ Stormy Daniels’ lawyer shows how ex-president ‘did it’

Adult film star Stormy Daniels’ attorney is convinced the power behind buying the silence of his client is Donald Trump and the proof is there.

Clark Brewster appearing on CNN posited just why the 45th president is culpable in the criminal hush money case.

He asked: “The question is: Was he behind the NDA? Did he orchestrate that? Did he cause Cohen to pay [Daniels] off and did they conceal the record keeping of that particular the truth?”

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Notably, outside the courtroom on Thursday, while speaking to reporters in the corridor, Trump said: “I have the only illegal NDA.”

Prior to that admission, Trump has never confirmed there was an NDA with Daniels. In 2019, Trump admitted that the NDA existed between Daniels, Cohen, and other parties.

Then Brewster answered his own question with a question.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt,” said Brewster. “I mean, who else was doing it? Was it just something fun for Michael Cohen? And why would it even be in Trump’s books if he wasn’t the one that was behind it?”

Trump has been charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records to keep hidden his fixer Michael Cohen paying Daniels through a shell company before being handsomely reimbursed by Trump, whose company, the Trump Organization, recorded the reimbursements to Cohen as legal expenses.

Trump denies wrongdoing or having sexual affairs with the woman.

Brewster is convinced there’s no other way to explain the paper trail and corroborative testimony amassed in the four weeks of trial so far that doesn’t prove Trump had a hand on orchestrating the scheme to cover the payments as legal fees.

“I mean, it really there’s no plausible, sensible conclusion that can be reached other than he did it, he caused Cohen to get it accomplished and they dealt with it from a bookkeeping matter in a way in which they thought they could conceal it further,” he said.

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Source: Raw Story

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