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‘Y’all are so dumb’: Nancy Mace feuds with fact-checker over $517 million funding claim

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) took the high road Wednesday after she claimed credit for $517 million for her district and naysayers accused her of voting against the legislation that made the funding possible.

“Y’all are so dumb,” Mace retorted on X. “I delivered for the lowcountry and will always continue to do so. Oh and do better.”

Mace’s snappy retort was directed at X’s fact-checking account @communitynotes, which posted context to Mace’s initial boast of funding for South Carolina’s first Congressional district.

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“Congresswoman Mace voted against the appropriations bill which authorized the funding she is seeking credit for,” the note states.

Mace challenged the fact-check and directed followers to her record voting to pass the National Defense Authorization Act in 2023, the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, and the Honoring our PACT Act of 2022.

But, as her nay-sayers noted, Mace also voted against the $1.2 trillion spending bill, signed into law by President Joe Biden, that narrowly averted a government shutdown.

Mace’s reasons for doing so are detailed in the most recent press release from her office, dated March 22. The source of the $517 million she says she secured her district is not detailed in a “recent story” about the funding on her website.

“This job isn’t easy,” the lone line of copy reads, “even harder are delivering meaningful results, but we’ve done just that.”

But Mace’s response didn’t pass the smell test for Liz DeBiase, who tallied up the projects sponsored by the legislation Mace listed off and came up with number $29.6 million.

“The job is probably a lot harder when you vote against the bills that bring money to your district,” wrote DeBiase. “Probably real hard indeed.”

Mace’s remarks also failed to earn kudos from users such as Doug Jones Devotee, who quipped at the Congress member, “Feuding with Community Notes now.”

X user Blue Georgia also did some research, coming up with an ABC news report from June 2023 entitled “Rep. Nancy Mace celebrates funding from bill she voted against, state Democrats react.”

“Evergreen tweet,” the user wrote.

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