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‘You Should Be Ashamed, Kamala!’ VP Harris Was Criticized After She Wrote A Birthday Letter To TikToker Dylan Mulvaney In Which She Congratulated Him For Being A Woman

Truth Puke’s Takeaway: Kamala Harris has come under fire for using her position in the Oval Office to send transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney a birthday card, commending him 🧔‍♂️ on “living authentically” for 365 days as a woman 👩‍🦰. Recently, President Biden and Vice President Harris hosted Dylan in the White House as part of her TikTok Day of Girlhood series. Harris expressed her admiration for Dylan’s support of transgender equality and promised the TikTok sensation that her administration stands with them in their fight for true equity and equality, against hate speech and discrimination of all forms. She concluded, “I am grateful for your dedication and courage – may you continue using your platform to spread positivity and create change.” While many applauded Harris’ initiative, others condemned her actions as an act of “erasing women.”

Original Article Below: Aaron Johnson via RadarOnline

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