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‘You were very hard on him’: Nancy Mace pressed by Bill Maher on her anti-Trump quotes

U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) on Friday was asked on Real Time with Bill Maher about how she can support Donald Trump after calling for accountability for the ex-president after Jan. 6.

Appearing alongside U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), Mace took to Maher’s show less than a week after she made headlines in a confrontational interview about rape and Trump.

Maher opened the discussion on the topic of gerrymandering, and used Mace as an example.

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“When you ran in 2020, you won by one point. Then they redistricted your area, and I think it was less Black people, and then you won in 2022 by 14 points,” Maher said to Mace. “Does that explain the shift in your politics? Because you used to be a little more to the middle I think.”

Mace replied by claiming she’s “very much the same person” she was the last time she appeared on his show.

“The Supreme Court in October actually affirmed that my district… as you said correctly, I won by one point in 2020. When the state of South Carolina redistricted my seat, they made it 1.36 points better. One point better in 2022. I won by 14 points in ’22 because I overwhelmingly post-Roe v. Wade came out swinging hard to fight for women.”

Maher responded, saying, “You did switch on Trump. I mean, after Jan. 6. I could read you the quotes. You were very hard on him.”

Mace said, “I was very hard. I didn’t like it.”

“You said, ‘How do we hold a president accountable?’ ‘We need to find a way to hold him accountable.’ ‘His entire legacy was wiped out yesterday. We’ve got to restart. We have got to rebuild our nation and rebuild our party.’ That’s not where you are now,” Maher continued pressing.

“Well, we’ve had three years of Joe Biden,” she answered.

You can watch below or at the link.

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