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‘You’re broken in a fundamental way’: Sandy Hook lawyer rains hell on Aaron Rodgers

A lawyer who represented a couple who lost their 6-year-old son in the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting — and who successfully sued Alex Jones over the conspiracy theories he spread about the shooting — took aim at NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers late Wednesday.

Rodgers, known for his anti-vax theories, was revealed by CNN’s Pamela Brown to be a Sandy Hook truther, claiming the shooting was part of a government plot and not the result of an attack by Adam Lanza, who also killed his mother before going on his murderous spree.

During a chance meeting, CNN reported, “Brown recalls Rodgers asking her if she thought it was off that there were men in black in the woods by the school, falsely claiming those men were actually government operatives. Brown found the encounter disturbing.”

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News of Rodgers’ claims reached attorney Mark Bangston, who posted an open letter aimed at the quarterback in a 12-part rant on X, where he called the former Green Bay Packer “defective, ” a “freak” and “broken in a fundamental way.”

Bankston began by noting he represented several grieving Sandy Hook parents before writing, “Hey Aaron, not sure if you’ll see this, but I figure the best chance is to put it here on Twitter, where it will hopefully be sandwiched between a tweet claiming the measles vaccine makes children gay and an ad for a cryptocurrency scam. To start, I can’t say it really surprised me to see you had been spreading nonsense about Sandy Hook because although I have not followed your sports career closely, I am quite aware that you are a slow-witted, gullible person.”

Continuing in that vein, he added, “Sadly, I’d have to live under a rock not to notice the frequency in which the media reports on whatever screwball propaganda you most recently swallowed like a hungry trout confronted with a shiny lure,” adding, “Being a poor schmuck who latches onto claptrap maybe isn’t the biggest sin in this day and age, but I can’t fathom how on earth you manufactured the confidence to think you have something useful to offer to any of these discussions.”

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Suggesting the NFL player get to “Know thyself,” he offered, “You are a dumb jock. God apparently gave you many talents, but critical thinking is not one of them.”

Claiming that Rodgers doesn’t seem to have any grasp of facts, he put Rodgers on notice, “but what I learned today — that you were one of those freaks telling reporters (and God knows who else) that the Sandy Hook parents were liars and actors — crosses a line you can’t come back from.”

“It means you can’t be trusted with important decisions. It means nobody benefits from listening to you. It means you’re broken in a fundamental way. It means you’re weak, and you’re desperate to believe what a grifter will happily sell you. It means you’re not a leader and will never be one. You’re not cut out to be an influencer, a role model, or even an amusing iconoclast. Because you’re not eccentric; you’re defective. And that’s not a funny joke,” he wrote before concluding by suggesting, “Could you please shut the f–k up?”

You can read the entire thread here.

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