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Zelensky’s Criticism Triggers Doubt Over Ukraine’s NATO Invitation

In a startling turn of events, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s scathing remarks against NATO have reportedly sent shockwaves through Washington. The Washington Post, citing anonymous sources, reveals that officials briefly contemplated reneging on their commitment to invite Kiev to join the military bloc.

This potential backtrack by Washington, which has historically leveraged NATO membership as a strategic tool in the Eastern bloc, would mark an unprecedented move. Zelensky’s bold criticism came during the highly-anticipated NATO summit in Vilnius, where he lambasted the US-led alliance for excluding Ukraine from communique discussions.

Taking to Twitter, Zelensky decried the absence of a defined timeline for Ukraine’s invitation and membership, deeming the wording on “conditions” too vague. He argued that such uncertainty only weakened the nation’s position.

The final version of NATO’s joint communique stated that an invitation to Ukraine would be extended when allies reached consensus and conditions were met. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg hinted that Ukraine’s conflict with Moscow would play a decisive role in its potential accession.

According to sources interviewed by the Washington Post, Zelensky’s rebuke deeply unsettled the White House, with one official describing the US delegation’s reaction as “furious.” During subsequent discussions, some officials reportedly considered removing the reference to “invitation” or relocating it within the declaration.

However, concerns over delays and backlash from Kiev ultimately prevented specific alterations to the text.

Later, Zelensky adjusted his stance, expressing gratitude for NATO’s unprecedented support and crucial guarantees. Bloomberg reports that this change came after NATO leaders advised the Ukrainian president to “cool down.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba acknowledged the pivotal role played by the US in ensuring the inclusion of the word “invitation” in the text, yet he voiced dissatisfaction with the final wording.

As tensions escalate and the fate of Ukraine’s NATO invitation hangs in the balance, the world watches with bated breath to see how this high-stakes diplomatic saga unfolds. Stay tuned for more shocking developments!

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